Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend Roundup

Friday amounted to:
-Cleaning the kitchen drains
-Emptying and cleaning fridge
-Cleaning microwave
-Emptying and cleaning trash can
-Sweeping and mopping floor
-Planning weekly menu
-Grocery shopping
-Chipotle, a return to barbacoa

Saturday was full of:
-Visiting vet's office for flea medicine and changing cat's last name
-Eating donuts I picked up on the way home
-Scrubbing the bathtub and shower doors
-Scrubbing sink and toilet
-Wiping down counter and mirror
-Sweeping and mopping floor
-Trip to Target for gifts
-Talking to sis, tentatively planning Galveston trip
-We were thinking Arby's
-Cleaning and organizing both our closets
-Organizing Goodwill pile

Sunday found us:
-Dropping off Goodwill donations
-Visiting Target, again
-Watching Pirates of the Caribbean 2, mostly on fast forward
-Meeting In-laws at the Movie Tavern for little bro-in-law's birthday
-Missing original movie time, eating at Olive Garden to pass time before next showing
-Watching Pirates of The Caribbean 3, while enjoying a pitcher of Shiner Bock
-Noting to self to never return to dirtiest Movie Tavern location ever
-Heading to In-Laws for cake and presents
-Getting home and hitting the hay

Monday was spent:
-Sleeping in
-Doing 8 loads of laundry
-Pawning old furniture off on friends
-Munching on chips & dip
-Attempting to watch movie, but thwarted by Netflix's crap copy
-Hanging pictures in bedroom
-Watching an exorbitant amount of peculiar television.
-Playing, and losing, Risk
-Crashing into bed to enjoy my recurring insomnia, finally falling asleep sometime after midnight