Friday, February 4, 2011

They Say It's My Birthday

Today is my birthday- my 30th birthday! And we're having a very low-key evening. Of course we've had an incredibly low-key week because of our winter weather here. Monday night it started raining in the evening, then turned to sleet, and then snow. Schools were closed (not that I have class on Tuesdays now anyway), and the boss man said to stay home. The thing is, it never got above freezing Tuesday, so the ice and snow stayed right where it was. Wednesday classes were canceled. Work was a no-go. Then it was the same game Thursday. We did leave the house Thursday, to pick up my prescription and some Sonic, but that was it for me. Josh went in to work for awhile, but regretted it, as the roads were not great and the people on the road were even worse. And then, last night, it started snowing again. The 2 or so inches that had fallen Monday night hadn't gone anywhere, but they were quickly covered with a fresh layer. Just under 5" fell over last night into midday today. So, I got another snow day for my birthday! The sun came out at last and the temperature actually just reached 32 degrees this afternoon, so a little melting occurred. It's finally supposed to get above freezing tomorrow, so hopefully everyone will be able to dig out of their hibernation holes.

I should have been way more productive with this time off. I did some homework, and of course I still have the weekend, but I could have done more. I did find out that I was off a bit on some of my due dates, and in my favor, so that was helpful in alleviating a little stress. And this winter weather will postpone my Government test that I was concerned I might miss while we're out of town, so that's good also. And we'll gloss over the fact that I did absolutely no cleaning, nor did any household projects get done. I did make pancakes Tuesday morning, with enough to last me two weeks of school mornings. So, I guess it's not all been wasted, ha.

Mostly Josh and I have had lots of hanging out time. He's played lots of video games, I did some cooking and baking, we've had movie marathons and watched a LOT of Simpsons DVDs. We've obviously lost some income, but we've gained some rest and relaxation. Of course, we'll get some more of that when we go on vacation next week. Birthday cruise! Today I made grass-fed sausage and french toast with bananas for my birthday breakfast. We ventured out for beer, snacks, and pizza for my birthday evening, some of which has already been consumed. :) Oh, and I bought myself one other birthday present too.

Birthday Snow Day
Birthday Snow