Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have a very strong craving to be laying on the couch with a Dr. Pepper and bag full of Doritos, watching So I Married An Axe Murderer. If only that was all I had to do this evening. Sigh.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I've been trying to bring better lunches to work, partly to save money and partly to eat healthier. I was especially pleased with my lunch today. I had a nice salad of spinach, romaine, and red leaf lettuce with green bell pepper, tomato, olive oil packed tuna, and balsamic vinaigrette, some celery sticks, a whole wheat pita with roasted red pepper hummus, and two clementines for dessert. Not sure what I'll bring tomorrow, but I hope it will be just as yummy. What do you guys like to have for lunch?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Work, blech
-Make dinner, panko fish sticks, corn, and salad
-Watch TV
-Play Sims
-Hit the hay

-Up early for farmer's market with Mom, leave disappointed
-Lowe's for Mom's new lawnmower, Target for dishtowels
-Library for new library card
-Home from errands a little after 10
-Walk 1.5 miles
-Tune in to NPR
-Lunch of salad, toast, and orange-mango smoothie
-Clean kitchen, do dishes
-Get ready
-Mallapalooza for Johnny Lloyd Rollins show
-Head home and eat some Sonic
-Club Dada for Sunward at the Ultraviolet Cystic Fibrosis Benefit
-Chill with Sunward boys
-Home for Simpsons episode and some fake Cheetos

-Make meal plan and grocery list
-Grocery shopping
-Unload cargo and help Josh start laundry
-Wash and prep produce
-Prep dinner
-Make Eggplant Bolognese
-Have dinner and salad while watching Fraggle Rock
-Help Josh fold last load of laundry
-Put leftovers in freezer for later meals
-Dry hair

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shout Out

It seems like everyone knows someone right now who is having a baby, or recently welcomed a little bundle of joy. I think there are three pretty pregnant ladies on my blogroll alone. If you're looking for a cute gift for a mommy-to-be you should check out my friend Marissa's brand spankin' new Etsy shop, LaCour Baby. She's just starting out, so the shop isn't quite full yet, but just look how adorable her burp cloths and receiving blankets are!

Money Matters

Lately I've been spending a lot of time thinking (a.k.a. worrying) about money. Not that there is a whole lot to worry about, but I worry about everything. Things have recently come up which will result in big changes to the plans we currently had in mind. The house goals will be put off a little bit, hopefully not too much, but probably an extra few months. Josh will now be touring some in June, July, and August, which means as the majority bread-winner of our household, the budget will take a big hit for his missed work. He will make some money touring, but that is an unknown factor that we can't rely on at this point. I'll be working overtime to help lessen the blow, but there is only so much that I can take on realistically. While this thought at first was panic-attack inducing, after a couple of days I acclimate to the new circumstances. Now I'm thinking about what I can do to help us save a bit extra. And I'm reading some great financial blogs. Check out Ms MoneyPenny and The Simple Dollar, the two blogs that I have found most helpful as of late. Right now I'm starting with a couple of small changes this week, and hopefully more will come each week to help us get closer to our goals.

-Unsubscribe to all those e-mailers that make me want to spend (I'm looking at you Kate Spade and J. Crew)
-Hit the farmer's market this Saturday in search of cheaper, and hopefully healthier, produce
-Work on list of actions and ideas to help achieve our long-term goals
-Create list of easy/fast/cheap food to keep in the pantry to eliminate half of fast food spending

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I wish I could be this lazy today.


Sorry no weekend round up this week. I had a pretty unsuccessful weekend as far as crossing things off my list. But I did meet some nice new people and have some laughs, so not a total bust.

Friday, April 18, 2008

My Favorite Movies- 1940's

I didn't mean to go so long between posting my movie lists, but I guess time got away from me. The first installment of this list covered the 1930's, so it's time for the fabulous 40's! My 30's list showcased my love of the Marx Brothers, Fred & Ginger, and William Powell. There are some themes with my 40's favorites too- Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant, anyone? And remember, these lists aren't some kind of comprehensive guide to great cinematic moments, just my favorites.

Casablanca 1942- Well, duh. I could watch this movie endlessly. Cafe owner Rick, stuck in Casablanca by his past actions, never thinks he'll see the woman who wounded and embittered him again. But then the war throws Ilsa back into his life, but not without complications. Things can never be as innocent as they once were in Paris. Part romance, part spy, all good. This movie just gets better and better for me, as time goes by. (Don't worry, I just rolled my eyes at myself too)

Maltese Falcon 1941- Casablanca made me like Humphrey Bogart, but Maltese Falcon made me love him. Bogie's portrayal of Sam Spade, a clever, if unscrupulous, detective makes me swoon just a bit. Everyone is after the fabled falcon, and all their searches intersect in the hands of Spade. The chemistry between Bogart and Mary Astor is thick in this classic film noir.

My Favorite Wife 1940- Cary Grant and Irene Dunne made three movies together, and this is my personal favorite. In this romantic comedy, Grant and Dunne are husband and wife, but only for a moment as in the first 10 minutes Dunne is declared legally dead. Missing for 7 years after going down in a shipwreck, Dunne miraculously survived on a deserted island and makes it back home just in time to discover her new legal status- and that of her husband, newly remarried. Watching Grant try to figure out what to do with two wives makes for big laughs. This film was being remade with Dean Martin and Marilyn Monroe when she died, and was eventually redone with Doris Day and James Garner under the title Move Over, Darling- a version that I also enjoy.

The Philadelphia Story 1940- This is one of my favorite films of all-time, no matter the decade. This is the 3rd of three movie pairings for Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. Also starring Jimmy Stewart (in a role for which he won the best supporting actor Oscar) as a sarcastic writer, and Ruth Hussey as his photographer partner, who show up to get the scoop on Hepburn's impending wedding with the help of her ex-husband, Grant. But will the wedding go off without a hitch? And what is Grant's real motivation in popping up before his former bride is married to another? These great actors make the quick wit and clever writing shine.

Arsenic and Old Lace 1944- If you have ever doubted Cary Grant's comedic talents, or only known him as the dashing man from To Catch a Thief or An Affair To Remember, then this movie should set you straight. Grant is a dramatic critic, known for his negative opinion on matrimony, who has bitten the bullet and gotten himself hitched to the preacher's daughter on Halloween. Unfortunately, before there's any time for celebration he discovers that his aunt's have been committing some charitable murder. Just as he's trying to sort out his aunts, his criminal brother shows up at the family home. Handling his evil brother, murderous aunts, and new wife is almost enough to make him crack. Oh, and don't forget brother Teddy, who thinks he's Theodore Roosevelt. Can he handle his insane family without going crazy himself?

The Song of Bernadette 1943- The Song of Bernadette is the story of Bernadette Soubirous, a young peasant in France, eventually to become Saint Bernadette. Bernadette sees the beautiful lady in the grotto, but no one will believe her. Almost all doubt her until the lady tells her to drink from the spring, and Bernadette scratches the spring from the dirt. It is eventually acknowledged by the church that Bernadette saw the Virgin Mary. To the end of her life Bernadette swears to the truth of her story, only claiming to have seen the beautiful lady. The waters of Lourdes that the lady told her about are believed to be healing, and people to this day make pilgrimages to drink from it.

The Ghost & Mrs. Muir 1947- So romantic! Gene Tierney is a widowed mother who moves to an old seaside cottage with her young daughter, played by Natalie Wood. There she has to deal with the spirit of the old sea captain, played by Rex Harrison, who haunts his former dwelling. She gains the captain's respect by persevering his scare tactics. He eventually wants her to stay so much that he helps secure her financial independence by helping her author his memoirs. But how can a ghost compete with the real man that comes into her life?

Rope 1948- One of Hitchcock's greatest technical achievements, it is also one of his most tension filled movies. Two school chums decide to embark on an experiment. They kill their friend, who they deem to be intellectually inferior to themselves. They then hold a dinner party, inviting those people closest to the dead, to see if they are indeed so clever that they can get away with the whole scheme right under everyone's noses. Also inviting their school professor whose ideas influenced their experiment, they run the risk of getting caught. But can their professor, Jimmy Stewart, prove his suspicions before his students get away with murder? This is the first of four collaborations between Jimmy Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We had some yummy strawberries on Sunday.


Fresh Strawberries

Basket of berries

Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Whew! Got a lot done, and still so much left to do!

-Grab some Chipotle
-Watch the new 30 Rock episode
-Finish next week's menu plan
-Play a little Sims 2
-Hit the hay

-Rise and shine
-Cereal and coffee
-Tune into NPR
-Clean the windows, remove dining room and bedroom curtains
-Put up clean laundry
-Scrub the bathtub and tile
-Clean toilet
-Clean mirror, counter top, and scrub sink
-Clean catbox
-Sweep bathroom floor
-Dust bedroom and living room
-Clean coffee table
-Break for Chipotle leftovers
-Clean kitchen counters
-Scrub cutting board
-Scrub kitchen sink
-Clean kitchen drains with boiling water, baking soda, and vinegar
-Make apple crumb coffee cake
-Sweep kitchen
-Purge a bit from hall closet
-Watch dvr'd Everyday Food & Baking
-Josh got home and made dinner for us
-Watch some of Pete Seeger American Experience
-Call Steph, wake Josh up, and head over for birthday hang out
-Head home super late
-Head to pillow

-Coffee and coffee cake for breakfast
-Finish grocery list
-Grocery shopping at Target & Central Market
-Unload cargo
-Start laundry: bath rug, towels, curtains, sheets, sofa blanket & delicates
-Lunch: delicious tomato, mozzarella & basil swch with strawberries and grapes
-Watch Sense & Sensibility and Blue Skies while doing ironing and finishing laundry
-Sonic for dinner

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Cleaning

With Josh rehearsing with one band Saturday morning, and another one Saturday evening I find myself with some time on my hands. Unfortunately, I already have the perfect time-filler, that old Spring cleaning list. Able to remove a couple of things from my old list, but needed to add a couple on. And there needs to be a big-time purge of all the closets. Time to say goodbye to all those useless items I hoard. Trying to reform your pack-rat ways can be a challenge!

-Wash sheets and blanket
-Vacuum mattress
-Put up clean laundry
-Tidy closet and bedside area
-Dust bedroom
-Vacuum floor and walls

Living room:
-Wash sofa blanket
-Vacuum sofa and chair
-Tidy and clean off coffee table
-Lint-roll curtains
-Dust TV stand, bookcases, and desk
-Vacuum floor and walls

Dining room:
-Clean off table and wipe down
-Vacuum floor and walls

-Wipe down cabinet fronts and counter tops
-Clean out fridge and freezer
-Clean sink and drains
-Clean microwave
-Microwave sponge
-Empty and clean trash can
-Sweep and mop floor

-Scrub bathtub, tile and shower doors
-Clean toilet
-Scrub sink
-Clean counter top and mirror
-Sweep and mop
-Wash floor mat

-Clean cat box
-Clean windows
-Make next week's menu plan & grocery list
-Grocery shopping

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Museum Visit

Here are some pics from our visit to the Amon Carter a few weeks ago. I'm really on top of things, huh?

Amon Carter Museum


Museum visit

Amon Carter Museum

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I recently updated some of the inspirational quotes that I have posted on my computer screen here at work. Thought I would share the new additions. They make me smile and keep my spirits up.

"Invention, my dear friends, is 93 percent perspiration, 6 percent electricity, 4 percent evaporation, and 2 percent butter-scotch ripple."- Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

"Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver."- Ayn Rand

"We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry."- E.B. White

Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Sleep in
-Have coffee and breakfast
-Read blogs
-Chat with Holly and Steph via e-mail
-Read through old love notes
-Post blog entry
-Watch American Experience on Eleanor Roosevelet
-Have lunch
-Tidy up
-Welcome Josh home
-Slowly get ready
-Anniversary dinner at Palermo's
-Sunward and Calhoun at Lola's
-Hang out with Holly and Leah
-Head home and chill with Leah some more
-Hit the hay

-Sleep in
-Recuperate from long night out
-Get camping stuff together
-Wait for Josh to get home
-Finish getting ready and hit the road
-Drive to Blue River, OK
-Find campground and have dinner with In-laws and family
-See Gary & Nelda off
-Gather round the campfire, make smores and toasted marshmallows and have great conversation with the In-laws
-Hit the hay
-Have lots of trouble sleeping till my hero hunts down some ibuprofen and water for me
-Finally get some sleep

-Rise and shine
-Try to figure out how to heat our breakfast in the camper
-Fail and enjoy cold breaky and coffee, still good
-Visit with Stepmom-in-law
-Hike up-camp and take pictures
-Hike back to camp for a bit
-Hike down-camp for more pictures
-Back in time to chow the hot dog they roasted for me, mmm Nathan's
-Pack up and hit the road
-Uncomfortable drive home, thanks to intestinal anger
-Get home and lay down for awhile
-Grab some Chipotle
-Lay back down after dinner
-Back into bed with some ice cream
-Back into bed without ice cream
-Hit the sack

Friday, April 4, 2008

Ten Years

Ten years ago today Josh asked me, ever so sweetly, to be his girlfriend. I of course said yes and we've been together ever since. Some people think it's silly to celebrate your dating anniversary after you're married, but to them I say Pah! We have an anniversary to celebrate every 6 months this way. I looked through my box of notes and letters from Josh this morning and thought I would like to share one. I'm so happy that I get to spend the next 10 x infinity years with him.

Once, in a beautiful garden, there was a sparse patch of fresh, green grass, far away from all the other plants. In the center of this grass grew the most beautiful rose in the world! This rose's name was Jessica.

Jessica was a lonely rose. Because she was a wild flower, she had been planted from a wild seed dropped by a passing bird. Her home was lonely and isolated from the other flowers, so she never had any friends, besides the grass, but what she really longed for was a flower to love.

One day Jessica saw a bird flying over head when all of a sudden a seed fell from the sky and laid down in the soft lush grasses. Jessica was so happy that she might actually get to have a friend! She told the grasses to gobble it into the soil and give it nutrients. Being silly invalid grasses, they did as they were told.

Soon a handsome male rose grew from the seed. His name was Joshua. Joshua and Jessica fell in love. They married, mixed seeds, and grew a beautiful patch of different color roses! And the bird who dropped both their seeds was God! And he brought Josh and Jessica together because they were meant for each other!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Resolutions Update II

Well, I won't go through the whole rigmarole, cause I'm a bit busy this afternoon, but through March I managed to:

Read 2 more books- Pride & Prejudice and Darcy's Story- and start Sense & Sensibility
Go to second museum- Amon Carter- leaving just one more to hit
Buy tickets for stand-up performance
Save $2000 towards down-payment
Walk either 30 minutes or mile & a half on the track 4-5 days each week
Vacuum more often than not
Sign up for photography class
Meet a dozen new people, especially neighborhood people

All in all, not too bad for one month. This weekend I picked up a Calcium & Vitamin D supplement and tonight I'm doing some pilates, so here's to at least attempting to take better care of myself. Wonder what all April has in store for me. Besides showers, of course.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Studio Style

Continuing to be obsessed with all things future-new-house related last night Josh and I were discussing what "his room" will be like. I had some ideas to share, but it can be kind of hard to describe what's in my head at times. So today I put together a little idea board to better explain to Josh what I was thinking. Luckily he loved what I put together! Of course, it's all debatable how well we'll be able to pull together the final product, but this is the general idea. Midnight blue walls, with accents of white and orange (to match his current drum set).