Friday, October 29, 2010

In A Halloween Spirit

I really love Halloween, but sadly I have had almost no time to decorate for it so far. So, I thought I'd decorate this post instead. :) Here are some Halloween/Fall decorating ideas I love from Martha Stewart.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Small Time Cooks Giveaway!

Hey gang, I'm hosting a giveaway over on my food blog, Small Time Cooks. Just drop by and leave a comment here before midnight 10/31/10 and you could wind up winning a copy of Everyday Food's "Great Food Fast" cookbook and a jar of my favorite pancake mix!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Still Dawesome

Saturday night Holly, Stephanie P, Amanda and I went to Sons of Hermann Hall to see Dawes. You might remember that name from when I gushed about seeing them the first time back in July. I seriously, seriously love this band. LURVE. Last time the girls got pics with some of the guys, and I was stuck taking most of them. This time around I made sure that I got pics with the cute boys. Amanda and I even got to chat with the singer/guitarist Taylor while we were standing out in front of the club before they played. I told him he was so cute that I wanted to pinch his cheek. So, basically, I came across as crazy. But whatever, it's true. I was right up front for the whole show, making some major eye contact with him, and singing along to every song (except for a couple of the new ones which I only half remembered from the last show). Snagged the pics after the show, and then we all made our ways home. Holly and I grabbed some late night grub from Whataburger, since we didn't eat before the show. And I fell asleep with pretty songs in my head. :)

Me and Taylor, guitarist/singer of Dawes Me and Alex, keys in Dawes
Me and Griffin, drummer of Dawes Me and Wylie, bassist of Dawes
Top to bottom: me & Taylor (guitar/vocals), me & Alex (keys), me & Griffin (drums) , and me & Wylie (bass)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Room With A View

The weather here in North Texas has been freakin' fantastic lately. Warm, but not the sweltering temps of summer. Fall in Texas is sort of like the spring we were dreaming of 6 months ago. Except even better because sometimes you spy a tree full of autumn shades, or get to crunchily walk through some fallen leaves. I've been enjoying the weather even while I'm sick by throwing open the bedroom windows. While writing this post even, I'm sitting in bed feeling a slight breeze and just moments ago heard the sounds of wind chimes. There's nothing like an open window on a pleasant day, right? One of my favorite things about our house is my view out the window while laying in bed. Our yard full of Live Oaks makes for some pretty scenery.

Bedroom view

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Slowly, But Surely

I feel like all I ever get to do on this blog is run in, rattle off a list of stuff I've done since I last updated, and then run back out only to repeat the process. Which, is basically what this post is. the title of this post is in reference both to my current state of health and school. I am currently about halfway through a cold, and am slowly crawling my way to recovery. And this week I took my history midterm, so I'm at the halfway point in my first semester. So far everything is going along swimmingly. It's stressful, but half of that is self-induced, because I haven't had any real reason to worry so far. The lowest grade I've made in my history class is a 100, and I've got an A for my first MathMod, and also got that A on my first English paper. I turned in my second one today, and I'm hoping for a B. My lowered expectations can be chocked up to the fact that I finished it in a nyquil haze. I'm pretty sure it was coherent. Well, at least to me!

I'm super excited though, despite my current poor health, because today I booked us for a cruise for my 30th birthday! We decided just a quick, 4 day shoot to Cozumel and back would be the best way to go. If I can get a Tuesday/Thursday schedule again next semester then I'll only miss one day for our trip. It's hard to imagine a nicer way to celebrate my 30th birthday than hanging out on this beach. Wouldn't you agree?

I heart Nachi Cocom

Thursday, October 14, 2010

And The Days Go By

Okay, haven't updated in a week. Let's recap. Wednesday of last week we did the anniversary thing. Thursday I had school and went to the Writing Center after class to get help and extra credit on my history paper. Friday I worked, and Josh was off in Florida for a Back In Black show. My plan was to do homework, but it turned into eating junky and watching stuff off the DVR. I did however pick up "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" when I stopped by Half Price Books after work. Saturday I did a little housework, and spent a good chunk of the day in bed with the windows open, reading and watching the Rangers game. Josh got back and had another show that night, so we spent the evening grabbing a bite to eat at Benito's and at the Chat Room for Fate Lions. Sunday was some more chores, baking, grocery shopping, etc.

This week has been similar. Monday I went to work and made a big bowl of pesto pasta for dinner. Did some homework and watched/live-tweeted Hoarders. Tuesday was a rough day at school. The teacher read half of my paper aloud, luckily as a good example. It was anonymous, but it was still awkward. History class was canceled, so I had some waiting around to do. Then math class was super hard. I just wasn't getting it that day. Luckily that night when I got home from work I took a walk, ordered some pizza, and tucked in to my math homework- and it was easy! I don't know what my problem was in class, but I managed to even work a whole section ahead rather easily. Yesterday though I stayed home most of the day, only coming in to work for a bit in the afternoon, due to a lack of sleep induced headache. Worked a bit more on my next English assignment last night, and then relaxed by getting caught up on Glee! (I can't WAIT for the Rocky Horror episode!) That brings us up to today, when I got even more work done on my paper in English class, found out I got a 110 on my history paper thanks to that extra credit visit to the Lab, and breezed through a quiz and got out of math early.

Now I just need to make it through today and tomorrow at work. I'm looking at this weekend and I'm seeing lovely things. Possibly:

-a bike ride
-a museum visit
-a trip to IKEA
-Fall/Halloween decorating
-hanging out with some friends
-playing some badminton
-a teeny, tiny, smidge of homework

Fall in Texas, I think, brings the best weather of the year and I love being able to enjoy it when we can!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Yesterday Josh and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! We slept in, grabbed some donuts and went to the duck pond to enjoy them. Then we went to the zoo, which we thoroughly explored. We had ice cream cones, and enjoyed the beautiful day. For dinner we went to Texas de Brazil, which we had a gift card for. It's expensive, so this special day seemed like the perfect occasion to use it up. Salad bar, 6 kinds of meat, beer, and chocolate cake put me into a coma, but a delicious one! I go to bed every night and wake up everyday so glad to be married to such an awesome dude!

Friday, October 1, 2010


What a long week! Lots of studying for my math test, which was beyond frustrating. And then yesterday was just the pits. I overslept and missed my first class. I rushed to school just in time for my second class, only to discover it was canceled. And then there was the math test. I actually did great on it, which turned out to be the high point of my day. Then work, therapy (where I impressed my doctor with my neuroses, can't be good) and tons of traffic while trying to run errands. I was able to make a nice dinner, and do a little housework, so I suppose we can add that to the good list. But Josh didn't get home until almost 11, so that put a damper on that stuff a bit.

In other words, whine whine whine, ha. BUT! Tonight should be much better. One of my errands post-work yesterday was picking up some goodies for this evening. My pals Steph and Holly are coming over for some snacks and drinks, hopefully on the deck, before we head to the bar Steph's bro works at for more (and cheaper) drinks. Yay for girly fun times that I need so badly after this week!