Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Prep Work

Sorry, no Weekend Roundup post this week. Just didn't much feel like it. Anyhoo, looking to get ready for my first big round of dental work this Friday. When you don't handle pain all that well, and tend to have long recovery times, the best you can do is just get as ready as you can. So, here is my list of things to get done before 10:00 AM Friday morning. Mostly just posting to help keep me on track and make sure I actually get them done. I have to get the ball rolling on my passport stuff before then too, so those chores are included.

-Get ice cream and pudding (darn back to school rush, no chocolate pudding at all at the store!)
-Pick up prescription at Walgreen's
-Get bangs trimmed
-Arrange time for Mom to keep me company Friday night, and Holly to keep me company Saturday
-Pick out Friday clothes
-Get passport paperwork together
-Borrow DVD's from Justin or Mom?
-Load iPod shuffle with new music
-Vacuum, tidy up every room
-Set up air mattress in living room
-Set up books, magazines, etc. next to mattress
-Remember to take check book to dentist office
-Eat a good breakfast
-Handle passport stuff at the Post Office
-Be on time to the dentist's office

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pudding Face

I'll be spending some time on a soft food diet, what with all the impending dental work. I can't decide if pudding should be on the grocery list or not.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Recurring Dreams

As it pours, and pours, and pours some more I'm having flashbacks to my previous yearning for wellies. Still just dreaming, unfortunately.

Weekend Roundup

-Work, blech
-Upper arm workout
-Make dinner
-Eat pizza, drink champagne and watch Rear Window with Josh
-Hit the hay

-Rise & shine
-Get ready
-Stop to pick up potato salad, strawberries and watermelon
-Niki's Birthaduation Party at Jason & Jenn's
-Head home
-Watch Olympics, snack on potato salad and chips for dinner
-Yeah Michael Phelps!
-Watch some Critic
-Fall asleep

-Make menu plan and grocery list
-Watch last half of Clue
-Grocery shopping
-Do dishes
-Clean and prep produce
-Clean kitchen
-Clean bathroom
-Tidy living room
-Clean dining room table
-Make dinner, mac & cheese and chicken tenders, mmmm
-Watch Arrested Development Season 3 episodes and edit pics
-Go over financial stuff with Josh
-Try to sleep, mostly fail, ha

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Q & A

These are the questions. They need answers. Suggestions welcome.

-Should I apply for the part-time job at the FW Museum of Science & History? My availability would be all hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

-If I do apply for said job, how would I schedule all my dental work around it? Friday was my go-to dental day, but probably not if I get a second job.

-Will a 5 month/$1200 per month dental plan work out between me and the dentist?

-How would that plan, if implemented, affect our goal to be in a house before Christmas?

-Should I amend our original goals to add an additional 2K to emergency savings and 4K to down payment savings before doing the whole house thing, since the dental damage to the wallet was an unknown at the time?

-Should I bite the bullet, use the $1200 IRS stimulus I tucked away and take advantage of Josh having to be in NYC Sept. 25 & 26 to get to New York myself and see Woody Allen perform at the Carlyle? Checking a big one of the 'ol bucket list, especially since he'll (hopefully) kick the bucket before me.

-What are my talent, passion and purpose in life? Forget that, I don't have time to worry about that stuff right now!

-Should I hold my breath till I pass out, then repeat until I don't have to make any of these decisions? (Psst, leaning towards yes on this one)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Dentist appointment, survived
-Work, blech
-Home early
-A little household work while watching Fairie Tale Theatre
-Josh gets home
-Order Chinese in, mmm sweet & sour chicken and veggie fried rice
-Eat and watch Simpsons re-run
-Catch last half of Opening Ceremony
-Set dvr to record the rerun of it
-Hit the hay

-Rise & shine
-Set challah out to thaw for breakfast
-Watch Olypmics
-Finish menu plan
-Make French toast for breakfast/lunch
-More Olympics
-Try out rear work out from Real Simple
-See Josh off to rehearsal
-Watch first half of Opening Ceremony
-Paint toe nails
-Even more Olympics while eating leftover Chinese
-Finish getting ready
-Head to Dallas for Sunward show
-After party, leave about 5:00, ugh

-Wake up at 10:30 to take Advil
-Wake up for real at 1:00
-Watch Olympic events dvr'd from previous night
-Get ready
-Grocery shopping
-Eat rest of Chinese leftovers and watch more Olympics
-More Olympics, alright Men's 400M relay!!! Take that Frenchies!
-A little Newsweek reading
-Bed time

Friday, August 8, 2008

Gold Medal Fashion

I am super loving the outfits that the Finnish, French and Nordic women athletes have worn into the Opening Ceremony! Pics to come if I can track some down.

Edit: Okay, finally found some pics of France and Finland. Strangely more difficult than I thought it would be, ha. I couldn't seem to find if the Finnish dresses were Marimekko, but I think they were.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008




equals happy dreams indeed.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Resolutions Update V

Well, not much to really update on. I've managed to try 4 new restaurants, not including our NYC eats of course, so that can be scratched off the list. I am doing better on keeping up with my Newsweek subscription, I've been updating my Money software weekly and I think we can count my last big shopping trip as a good step to improving my wardrobe. The impending cruise is really boosting my interest in exercise, despite the triple digit temps. 60 day countdown till swim suit time, yikes! And I'm pleased to say that I have started my list of life goals. I was aiming for 100 things. I've got around 60 or so down right now, and I'm not sure what else there is to add to it. It might end up less than 100, but that's fine with me. No point in forcing myself to make goals just to meet an arbitrary number, right? I would definitely say that I haven't been working enough on my interests, especially photography, although I did shoot and edit a lot of pics from Spencer & Deb's wedding.

Need to get back on course with photography, reading regularly, being tidier, going to the last museum, and eating better.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Dentist, yikes
-Work, blech
-Call satellite to find out about necessity of phone line
-Impressionists exhibit at Kimbell Art Museum, beautiful!
-Dinner at Caro's, mmm margarita
-Learn 60's dance moves with Josh
-Hit the hay

-Rise & shine
-Coffee and toast breakfast
-Josh calls to sort out phone & internet stuffs
-Sort through LPs, videos and books to get rid of
-Hot dogs for lunch
-Update money software
-Look over our electronics situation
-Finish grocery list
-Get ready
-Hang out time with Holly & Misty, watch Wonderfalls
-Dinner from 7-11, chicken salad and apple slices
-Telegraph Canyon at The Moon
-Back home

-Up and at 'em
-Coffee & cheese toast
-Catch Move Over, Darling on TV
-Get ready
-Get all our stuff together
-Make Goodwill drop
-Sell LPs, videos and books to Hal Price Books, $18.75 cha-ching
-Return shoes to Dillard's, $46 back in our pocket
-Return extra swim suit bottom, $16 to put towards groceries
-Grocery shopping
-Unload groceries
-Prep sourdough and challah for the freezer
-Help Josh put perfume and lotion up on eBay
-Pizza for lunch
-Clean and prep all the produce
-Tidy up the kitchen
-Finish figuring out all the plug/outlet/surge protector stuff
-Go over some paperwork, with some Ben & Jerry's
-Put more magazine tear-outs in binder
-New dental routine
-Hit the hay

Friday, August 1, 2008

Week's End

Survived first dentist visit. Don't ask. Just look forward to more posts about cutting corners. Nips and tuck, here and there. If only I'd done well on my Home Ec sewing assignments.

Tonight Josh and I are going to the Kimbell Art Museum for The Impressionists exhibition and dinner out somewhere. Probably our last fun night out for awhile. Unless it involves coupons, ha. Well, even tonight is half-price at the museum. Can't wait till the weather cools down. A nice walk or dinner picnic will cheap fun, once it doesn't involve passing out from the triple-digit temperatures.