Friday, May 25, 2007

Progress Report

This list makes it look like less work than it is. Well, not for everything, but the kitchen list is definitely the Reader's Digest version of the amount of effort exerted today. Over a gallon of boiling water for each drain, and almost an entire box of baking soda for the drains and cleaning the fridge. I also cleaned up the front of the fridge, retired some of the older photos on there. I put up some newer ones, but I limited the amount of junk I'm displaying. Tomorrow- hopefully a trip to the goodwill drop off is in our future, after tidying the closets.

-Wash sheets and blanket
-Vacuum mattress topper and mattress
-Put up clean laundry & drying rack
-Tidy closet & bedside area
-Dust bedroom
-Vacuum floor & walls

Living room:
-Wash sofa blanket
-Vacuum sofa and chair
-Tidy and clean coffee table
-Lint-roll curtains
-Dust TV stand, bookcases, and desk
-Vacuum floor & walls

Dining room:
-Clean off table and wipe down
-Clean off piano
-Vacuum floor and walls

-Do any dishes needed
-Wipe down cabinet fronts and counter tops
-Empty fridge and wipe down surfaces
-Clean sink and drains
-Clean microwave
-Empty and clean trash can
-Sweep and mop floor

-Scrub bathtub, tile, and shower doors
-Clean toilet
-Scrub sink
-Clean counter top and mirror
-Sweep and mop
-Wash floor mat