Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Roundup

This weekend was more or less a bust. I barely saw Josh at all, and other than making some really delicious donuts I got very little done.

Feeling very bummed about how busy we are lately. Mostly because it's the kind of busy that leaves you feeling like you've actually gotten absolutely nothing done. I am getting into a heavier workload at school, dislike having to show up at work each day, feel like I've got a million projects around the house needing to be done, and a decent night's sleep is a foreign concept to me.

We've got that $500 to do something with, but haven't decided what. Our anniversary is next week, we've got what appears to be a free weekend in October and a couple more in November, and then my 30th birthday is in February. Times ripe with opportunity for an escape, but if we can only afford one, which one do we choose? Or should it be spent on those nagging projects? What about fall clothes? Or should we not spend our windfall at all? Jeez. Doesn't seem like getting extra money should be stressful, but trying to decide what to do with it sure makes it feel that way.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Help Needed, Inquire Within

At this moment I'm just a little overwhelmed with work. Every variety of it- school work, house work, work work. Tonight I need to fill out some calendars for school, so I can get a better picture of my deadlines and know when I'm under a time crunch (as well as 5 sections of reading and Cornell notes, woo). Time is always slipping through my fingers lately. How do you successfully manage your time?

Josh "inherited" $500 from the sale of his grandparents' house. We haven't been able to decide what to do with it yet. It's sitting in a savings account right now, but that certainly isn't it's permanent resting place. Some ideas are to put it towards a short & sweet trip, split it 50/50 to each spend on what we wish, use it to finish up household projects, decide a savings goal we'd like it to go towards. If you received an surprise $500 what would you use it for?

If there is one thing that I just don't get about fashion it is accessorizing. Shoes, bags, belts, jewelry- all generally confuse me. Tights, those seem to throw me for a loop too. Feels like I'm failing as a woman sometimes. Also, despite being almost 30, calling myself a woman feels super weird. I'm just a girl, right? Anyway, are there any hard and fast rules that could make this easier? (The less these rules cost me, the better.)

So, what say you dozen or so people who might read this blog? Any tips, tricks, advice for me in any of these areas?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cowl-necked Confession

It's barely out of the 90's here, but I am yearning for lots of comfy fall fashions. Loving this sweater from Old Navy, as well as about half of their other new sweaters. Alas, I can only window shop for now. My pocketbook will thank me. It better!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Roundup

I am actually feeling a little closer to death today. Headache, FM aches and pains, and the fact that I slept horribly are making this a very rough Monday indeed. Here's what this weekend looked like at Casa de Hoovers.

-Say goodbye to Josh, off to Cleveland
-Work, yuck
-World Market and Central Market after work
-Elliptical workout
-Salad and half a sandwich for dinner
-History homework
-Get ready for bed
-4 episodes of The Bob Newhart Show

-Sleep way in
-Coffee in bed w/ 4 more Newhart episodes
-Spend hours revamping Small Time Cooks, go take a look please!
-Josh gets home from Cleveland
-Skype with Daniel to finish the last of the blog updating
-Grab some Sonic for dinner
-Eat and watch a Simpsons episode with Josh
-A little more TV

-Sleep in
-Coffee and juice
-House cleaning
-Cheese toast
-Make grocery list and menu plan
-Bowl of cereal
-Some television while Josh mows the lawns
-Grocery shopping
-Pizza for dinner while watching a PBS Ed Sullivan special
-Hit the hay

Friday, September 10, 2010

Not Dead Yet

Not dead, just busy. Busy with school, busy with household stuff which is becoming the norm. Also busy trying to lose this stupid weigh gain. I'm worried I'm not going to be able to get these few pounds off no matter what I do. I haven't been eating all healthy, all the time, but I'm not really eating any worse than I was before I gained the weight. I am pretty sure it's just from the birth control pills I take to control my endometriosis symptoms. I'm counting calories and using the elliptical, but not much seems to be helping. It's especially annoying since fall is creeping up and I can't fit in my favorite corduroy pants. And let's not even discuss my khaki slacks. Sigh.

On the positive side, they announced they are accepting internship applications for Conan's new show. That's my big, numero uno goal so now the task is to make myself the best internship candidate I can possibly be. I won't be eligible for a slot for a couple of years, but just knowing that the opportunity I most wanted is an actual option was very exciting. Need to get to work joining clubs, volunteering, etc. to pad out my resume and transcript.

My sleep patterns have become absolute crap lately. I'm not really having any trouble getting up for school, but I am not sleeping well, and I certainly have trouble dragging my tush out of bed on workdays. I remarked to Josh last night that I just don't think I'll ever be a morning person. No matter how early I get up each day, I'm still tired all day through until evening when I perk up and am ready to do stuff. Always been a night owl, and guess things won't be changing.

So yeah, not dead and now you're all caught up on what's been up with me.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Break In The Weather

I don't want to jump the gun, but I think we've possibly made it through another Texas summer. The ten day forecast here has highs in the upper 80's. That's damn near fall, right there. I might even be tempted to sleep with the windows open, if these 60 degree lows turn out to be fact. These temperatures have me looking forward to the weekend. I'll be doing homework tonight, but think I'll be doing some of it while lounging on the deck. While I'm at it, maybe breakfast will be enjoyed on the deck this weekend too. I've got chores and the like to get done this weekend, but no reason I can't fit plenty of outside time in there too. Actually I could probably get a few outdoors chores done as well. And I'm thinking a bike ride will be in order at some point. Josh's playing at the House of Blues tomorrow night and I'm excited because Stephanie & Rodney are going to come hang out with us. We'll get into some backstage shenanigans, no doubt. And I'm looking forward to the extra day off, even though Josh will be gone to play in Houston Sunday night. Yay outside times! Been cooped up all summer long!

Setting sun peeking through