Friday, May 18, 2007


My normal work week is M-Th 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM. That's 11 hour days, which isn't as bad as it sounds, especially since it means I have Fridays off. I try to use my Fridays for house cleaning, so then Josh and I have the weekend to spend time together and have fun. Last week I was out sick on Monday, so I was going to make it up on Friday. Then the cat got sick Thursday night, and I ended up staying home with him on Friday, keeping an eye on him and calling vets. His regular vet was out of town, that's why it's plural. I'm a good cat mommy, I swear. :) Anyway, I was gonna work all 5 days this week, to make up the day I didn't make up. I woke up this morning and there was just no doing it. You know you have a good husband when you nudge him at 5:45 in the morning to ask him if he minds if you stay home from work to clean house, and he says no. So, I lost out on a little bit of money, but I gotta a good chunk of work done. I'd rather clean house than go to work any day.

-Wash sheets and blanket
-Vacuum mattress topper and mattress
-Put up clean laundry & drying rack
-Tidy closet & bedside area
-Dust bedroom
-Vacuum floor & walls

Living room:
-Wash sofa blanket
-Vacuum sofa and chair
-Tidy and clean coffee table
-Lint-roll curtains
-Dust TV stand, bookcases, and desk
-Vacuum floor & walls

Dining room:
-Clean off table and wipe down
-Clean off piano
-Vacuum floor and walls

-Do any dishes needed
-Wipe down cabinet fronts and counter tops
-Empty fridge and wipe down surfaces
-Clean sink and drains
-Microwave sponge
-Empty and clean trash can
-Sweep and mop floor

-Scrub bathtub, tile, and shower doors
-Clean toilet
-Scrub sink
-Clean counter top and mirror
-Sweep and mop
-Wash floor mat

-Make next week's menu plan & grocery list
-Grocery shopping

In other news, it's Chipotle Friday! And even Marvin is excited about it....


kelly said...

what a little worker bee you are. any time you are in sunny cali... feel free to stop on by, I could come up with a list or two.