Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Last Dance

Confession time- I am the biggest Dancing With The Stars fan. And it's not the celebrity or reality aspect to it, I'm actually a ballroom dancing nerd. When American Ballroom Challenge was airing at the same time I was in heaven. DWTS becomes a real obsession for me. I've watched from Season 1, Episode 1 forward- missing just one week while we were on our honeymoon. And I've been a bit spoiled because the last 2 seasons my pick has won. This time was different though. I could tell going into the show last night that Apolo was going to win, but it didn't take any less sting out of Joey's loss. Joey Fatone was definitely my favorite. In last night's episode they said he received more standing ovations than any star, which speaks for just how entertaining his performances were. The end of the show is a double-edge sword for me. It kind of takes over my schedule when it's on, so I look forward to a bit more freedom once it's over. But at the same time it's hard to say goodbye to your favorite show, and play the waiting game for the next season. Plus it's not like I have a lot of other ballroom dancing options to watch when it's not on air, ha. In tribute to Joey I wanted to post one of his best dances, but I love them all! So, I just went with his freestyle since it was danced to the appropriate Donna Summer classic- "Last Dance". But, if you are nerdy like me, you should check out youtube for his tango and his paso doble.


Carrie said...

He was my favorite too!!! This was my first year watching I loved it!