Thursday, May 17, 2007

Household To-Do List

Things I'd like to get accomplished this weekend, knowing full well that hardly any of them will actually get done:

-Wash sheets and blanket
-Vacuum mattress topper and mattress
-Put up clean laundry & drying rack
-Tidy closet & bedside area
-Dust bedroom
-Vacuum floor & walls

Living room:
-Wash sofa blanket
-Vacuum sofa and chair
-Tidy and clean coffee table
-Lint-roll curtains
-Dust TV stand, bookcases, and desk
-Vacuum floor & walls

Dining room:
-Clean of table and wipe down
-Clean off piano
-Vacuum floor and walls

-Do any dishes needed
-Wipe down cabinet fronts and counter tops
-Empty fridge and wipe down surfaces
-Clean sink and drains
-Microwave sponge
-Empty and clean trash can
-Sweep and mop floor

-Scrub bathtub, tile, and shower doors
-Clean toilet
-Scrub sink
-Clean counter top and mirror
-Sweep and mop
-Wash floor mat

-Make next week's menu plan & grocery list
-Grocery shopping
-Eat Chipotle (don't worry, this one will definitely be accomplished)


Mumsy said...

Wow. I'm not even ambitious enough to write out a list like that. I did do my kitchen--it took me two days. Unfortunately it still looks the same only now there's not a layer of filth under all the clutter and dishes.

Jessica said...

I love lists. In case 50% of my posts being lists, and the long list sidebar hadn't tipped you off, ha. I enjoyed typing up this list far more than I will enjoy doing the things on it. Well, aside from the Chipotle dinner.

kelly said...

so... do you make house calls? in california?