Thursday, April 21, 2011


Things have been quiet here for awhile. I've just been busy with school and stuffs. That last blog post was pretty depressing, and lately things are a little more positive, but still stressful. Uncontrollable blushing, swings in body temperature, and hives are my current companions. I talked to my doctor and I'm going to try the lowest dose of an anti-depressant once school is done for the semester, and see if that won't help me some. I hate the idea of taking medication, but after managing on my own for a long time and 6 months of therapy last year, the idea is starting to grow on me a little bit. Anyway, let's not dwell on the yucky stuff like hives and the two papers I have due in a week (yikes). I'm looking forward to having a break from school- my first summer class doesn't start until 6/13, and even that is just online. My on-campus class doesn't start until July. Here are a few things I'm looking forward to doing with the dribs and drabs of extra time I'll have before I start back to school again.

-Reading! I have so.many.books to read. I got a lot of books at Christmas, and I just ordered three more a few weeks ago, so I am definitely going to spend some of my formerly homework-filled evenings hitting the fun kind of books.
-Photography. I need to get some a couple rolls of film developed from my Holga and Canon AE-1P that I shot ages ago, and see if I actually knew what I was doing with those new flashes. Plus I've just gotten completely out of the habit of photography, and I'd like to fix that.
-Exercise. I know I'm always saying this, and I'll probably always be saying this, but I need to be exercising more. I guess I should only worry if I stop having this as a to-do, cause I've probably given up in that case.
-Driving. I didn't have the time or mental health to tackle this during the school year, but I'm going to get back on the ball, including a 6 hour online adult driving course that'll exempt me from taking the written test at the DMV. Then it's just a matter of lots of practicing with Josh so I can pass the actual driving test.
-Projects. We've got lots of half finished projects around the house that need finishing up. Plus that place just needs a good cleaning. Cat tumbleweeds everywhere!

Just gotta keep my eyes on the horizon and keep chugging along, I guess.