Thursday, March 22, 2012

Recent Addition

No, no babies or new pets in our household, but there is a small bundle of joy making us smile in the living room. I haven't blogged in ages (that is to say I haven't blogged for ME in ages, since I'm most definitely still working over at Simple Things), but I had to pop in to share our new addition. We moved the law office to a smaller space as we distribute client files and start shutting things down, so there was a LOT of purging going on. One thing we definitely didn't need anymore were the ancient client information cards stored in small card catalog drawers. When we emptied them and stacked them on the floor, inspiration struck and I knew I needed to take them home with me rather then chuck them in the Goodwill pile. Yesterday I finally found the time to arrange them just so and now we have a nice, new, old side table. I'm over the moon with how well they tie in to the gray wall color, and how they even out the height difference between our IKEA chair and shell rocker, unifying that side of the room. Now all it needs is a terrarium. Right?