Friday, May 25, 2007

Start your engines

So, this week has been horrible. Monday there was the kitten incident. Tuesday saw the dashed hopes of Joey on Dancing With The Stars. Wednesday I had cramps from hell. And yesterday, the worst day of all. I overslept, leaving me no time for a shower. I got up to my office door after Josh dropped me off, only to realize that I had not only forgotten my keys, but also my cell phone. And since I get to work before most people on my floor, and anyone else in my office, this was a bad situation. I ended up sitting on the floor for about an hour, periodically going down to the lobby to see if the management office is open yet. Luckily during the last trip down I ran into the maintenance manager, who was able to let me into our office. So, they day was pretty much shot after that. I got a bit of work done, but I was ready to go home from the get go. When I did get home I had a nice, long, hot shower- determined to wash away the terrible week. And now it's my four day weekend, with a fresh start. I'm finishing up my coffee and toast and then the cleaning begins.

And, it's Chipotle Friday- what better way to start my weekend vacation?