Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fun In The Sun

We've decided that we'll finally go to Concert In The Garden this year at the Botanic Gardens. I've wanted to go for years, but we've never gotten around to it. We're planning on the first weekend, to hopefully avoid the hottest of the hot Texas summer. I love jazz, so I'm excited that we've chosen to go on the big band tribute night. If only we hadn't missed the tribute to Gershwin last year, sigh, but Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman will be great. And every concert ends with fireworks! My cousin Angie lives not far from the gardens and you can see the fireworks from her front porch all summer long- oh, I wish we had that kind of luck. Josh is in charge of handling tickets and parking, and I'm in charge of planning and preparing the picnic supplies, which of course includes food. I can't wait to put together a yummy menu for our fun evening under the sun, stars, and fireworks! This may be the perfect opportunity to make a little something out of my cute Winnie The Pooh cookbook.