Monday, May 14, 2007

Mission: Organization Impossible

Things accomplished Friday:
-Take cat to vet, for apparently no reason
-Hit Forever 21 for belt, jeans, and cute swing jacket
-Target for 500 G external hard drive, mom's day gifts, and some tic-tacs
-Visit The Container Store for our new desk components, get the elfa install spiel
-Grab some Chipotle and devour at home on living room floor while watching dvr'd shows
-Fall asleep on couch while watching Most Haunted

Saturday's activities:
-Visit salon for our hair cuts. I have bangs now!
-Different Target for underthings, graduation card, and hair accessories
-Eat delicious turkey sandwich at Subway
-Go to Ikea to get rest of organization tools, bookshelf, and grill pan
-Get ready and head out to friend's graduation party
-Drink and have a good time visiting with everyone
-Go to after-party party for additional hanging out and drinking

And Sunday's accomplishments:
-Sleep in, since didn't get home till 4 in the morning
-Decide which projects to tackle
-Eat Sonic, mmmmm Vanilla Coke
-Go by In-Laws' to drop off mother's day gifts and borrow drill and level for day's projects
-Install elfa desk & shelves
-Call mom to wish her happy mother's day and tell her I will bring her gift to work today
-Eat Jason's Deli, yummy muffaletta and baked potato
-Build bookcase from Ikea, put LP's on shelf
-Shower and dry hair
-Collapse into bed and fall asleep watching The Shadow

Now, all of that is great, but what it doesn't mention is how I got absolutely no laundry done, no grocery shopping done, and no normal house cleaning done. I have to work 5 days this week, instead of 4, so there is going to be little time to get to these tasks. Gonna go grocery shopping after work today, and hopefully fit in some laundry each night this week.