Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Thanks for all your good thoughts! My family made it through the hurricane safely and loss of power is the biggest problem for them at this time.

-Work, blech
-Home for some WKRP on the dvr
-Over to Mom-in-law's to drop off gift
-Central Market for my previously promised piece of cake
-Home to order pizza
-Eat pizza and watch Gilmore Girl S1 episodes
-Switch between Weather Channel and KHOU for Hurricane Ike updates
-Eat cake
-Brush teeth and climb in bed
-Night of sleeping with periodic news watching interspersed

-Leftover pizza for breakfast/lunch
-More Gilmore Girls
-Get ready
-Head to Fuzzy's with Floyd and Jared
-Eat, drink and meet up with Eddie, Nina and Noakes
-Head out to Aledo for the Murray wedding
-Hang out with the old gang for the reception
-Head home
-Fall asleep watching Another Thin Man

-Up early
-Finish up menu plan and grocery list
-Watch last S1 episode of Gilmore Girls
-Get ready
-Grocery shopping
-Grab some Sonic
-Start laundry with Josh
-Make blueberry crumb bars
-Make Caprese Sandwiches
-Clean and prep produce
-Make our lunches and coffee for morning
-Help Josh finish laundry


Jenny M said...

Just came across your blog from Emily's blog- I am so trying your bean cornbread pie dish! Glad to see someone else from Texas too!

Olivia Carter said...

First of all I love Gilmore Girls & was getting ready to blog about my LOVE of that show...

& you must tell me how to make the Caprese Sandwiches! Just the name sounds yummy!

ABC said...

hmmm. wkrp and gilmore girls. that doesnt seem to go with bob dylan and woody allen. but i watch "get a life" "red dwarf" and the "young ones" so what do i know. check out "go" by john clennon holmes. and "the man with the golden arm" it has frank sinatra in it.

Napoleon has invaded Austria.

- Why? ls he out of Courvoisier?

What good is war? We kill a few russians,
they kill a few french men, next thing you know it's Easter.

Boris, you're talking about Mother Russia.

She's not my mother. My mother wouldn't
let her youngest get shrapnel in his gums.

- Get away from me.
- I can't believe what I'm seeing.

- He has a yellow streak down his back.
- No, it runs across.

- Boris, you're a coward.
- Yes, but a militant coward.

Boris. Medals... We'll get medals.

Take it easy, lvan.
You've got to cut down on your raw meat.

He'll go and he'll fight.

And I hope they will put him
in the front lines.

Thanks a lot, Mum. My mother, folks.

Olivia Carter said...

Hey! About Holga film:
I get my film from a lil' shop here in Provo called Allen's (I don't know if they are a chain) but they also develop it.

Now that I've been shooting more I'll probably get it in a 5 pack from Amazon (just type in 120 film) but the trick is finding a place to develop it (just call around I guess)

Good luck & let me know how it goes!