Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Home with tummy ache, ouch
-More Gilmore Girls enjoyment
-Get ready
-Steph & Rylee pick me up
-Watch Sex and The City movie with Steph
-Girl talk
-Dinner with Steph, Rylee and Rodney
-Play Catch Phrase and drink too much with Steph & Rodney

-Oh, hangover
-More girl talk with Steph
-Hang out with Rodney
-Watch last half of The Maltese Falcon
-Josh picks me up on his way back from flight in from NYC
-Grab some grub
-Eat and hear all about Josh's trip
-Snuggle and snooze

-Grocery shopping
-More Gilmore Girls
-See Josh off to Sunward photo shoot
-Get half ready
-Holly picks me up
-Finish getting ready at Misty's house
-Head to White Elephant Saloon
-Enjoy Doug Burr and Tim Locke's solo show
-Head home
-Late night chicken nuggets with Josh
-Hit the hay