Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Resolutions Update VI

Well, here we go! What have I been doing to keep up with my New Year's Resolutions and Goals?

-Reading: I finally picked a book up again after a bit of a hiatus. Of course it's the biggest book I've ever read (Have I mentioned how I'm not that great a reader before?), so it's taking me awhile. But I'm really enjoying it, so hopefully I'll persevere to the end.
-Newsweek: I'm supposed to be keeping up with my Newsweek subscription. I'm, uh, not doing so well. But I am catching up this week, so I think I'll be back on target shortly!
-Get physical: After a tiny hiatus after my dental work I started back with my new exercise routine. I really need to figure out some type of cardio I like, as I'm pretty uch only doing strength training stuff right now. But it's better than nothing, and as the heat starts to ease up I look forward to starting back with walking again. I miss it a lot.
-Improve wardrobe: While infirmed last week I looked over outfits that I had collected from Emily's What To Wear posts and ideas from catalogs. I made a list of my favorite items in my closet and a list of all the basics that I'm lacking (hint: it's a lot). I ordered several new layering tanks in basic colors, two styles white button down shirts, and three pairs of flats. This weekend was the great pants expedition, with minimal success. But progress is progress.
-Create a list of life goals: I already did this. Now, I just have to actually accomplish some of the things on it!
-Use Money program to keep track finances weekly: Better than that I've been doing it two or three times a week.

There's plenty of stuff to still check off my resolutions list, and with it being September already, I'd better get to work!