Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Work, yuck
-30 minute walk
-Josh gets home, order Chinese in
-Eat and watch The Shadow of the Thin Man
-Grey came by to hang out
-Hit the hay

-30 minute walk
-Make french toast for breakfast/lunch
-Watch Gilmore Girls S2 and work on cruise plans
-Catch most of Bride & Prejudice while planning cruise wardrobe
-Leftover Chinese, mmm
-Get ready
-Hit Old Navy for sale
-Head to Jazz On The Boulevard festival for Fort Worth Jazz Orchestra
-Home for frozen pizza and more GG

-Breakfast, cottage cheese and blueberry crumb bar
-Watch dvr'd What Not To Wear
-30 minute walk with Josh
-Catch half of Pirates of the Caribbean on TV
-Grocery shopping
-Get ready
-Dinner and movie, Rosemary's Baby, at Rob & LeAnn's
-Home to bed


Nicole Marie said...

Ordering chinese food-YUM
(i think i'm gonna have to do that tonight)

Rosemary's baby-creepy
(i've never seen it but thinking about it gives me the shivers)