Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Roundup

I did stuff this weekend. Really, I know I did. I just can't think of it all. Especially after I only slept about 2 hours last night. By the way, this isn't a cure for insomnia, as it turns out. What can I remember about this weekend right now?

-Beating Josh at Monopoly
-Watching a lot of 30 Rock
-Cleaning out more clothes from my closet (seriously? two identical pairs of gray slacks? three pairs of brown pants that don't fit me? wtf.)
-Grocery shopping
-Enjoying a whole lotta Bob Dylan while sketching a terrible picture of him
-Trying to plan fall wardrobe necessities
-Washing the bed linens
-Eating ice cream
-Searching eBay for sales viability for some of the closet evacuees

Last night before Josh fell asleep he told me he would miss me today. And then 45 minutes or so later he barely awoke, rolled over, gave me a smooch and told me again that he would miss me today. I remember this vividly because it was oh so sweet. And because I was wide-freaking-awake. My plan of action for tonight goes something like this: head to Target after work to pick up a few things (which hopefully includes some of those fall wardrobe necessities), go home, start laundry, dinner, finish laundry, shower, and get into bed by 10:30. Then I shall read, and read, and read. I don't know why I didn't do that last night, but I am so behind on my reading it isn't funny. I might as well put all this non-sleep time to good use. And hopefully the lugging of laundry back and forth will help exhaust me too. I've been through this what feels like a thousand times before, but it doesn't stop it from feeling like the most overwhelming problem when it rears it's ugly head. It hasn't gotten to the point yet where I want to smack Josh with a pillow for sleeping so peacefully beside me. And as long as he keeps sweet talking me I think he'll be safe.


nicole hill gerulat said...

hi Jessica! I finally posted pictures of your excellent swap package!

nicole hill gerulat said...

a few of my favorites:

Calico Skies
Over the Rainbow
Mambo Italiano
A wink and a Smile

Thank you!