Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Music To My Eyes

Despite the fact that it feels like the local music scene is shriveling ever smaller lately, I did receive a pleasant surprise within the latest issue of Blueprint. Their School Of Rock article featured not one, but 2 bands with a DFW connection. Now, I know that Midlake has more or less made it big. I mean, not obnoxiously big, but Spin runs announcements for their latest concert and EP release. I think that counts for something, especially when you're a band from Denton, TX. So, I'm not surprised that they get press. But I am surprised when I see them in my Martha Stewart publication, ya know? I mean, to be in a Martha Stewart magazine is a whole new kind of famous in my mind. And, I was so shocked by this that at first I didn't realize that they also gave a shout out to The Earlies, a UK band featuring the former front man of the now-defunct Dallas based The Danes. I was reminded of the article when Midlake's drummer came out to the Chemistry Set show this past Saturday. Every time I see the Midlake videos I remember how we went over to their house with Cory and I got to see the fox head just sitting around while we listened to the barely finished Roscoe.