Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So, the last things we need to replace in the bedroom are the bedside tables. We currently have cheap, mismatched tables that suited us before, but don't match any of the new(er) furniture that we've gotten since we got married. I'm thinking about this table for each of us. I currently have a table with a drawer and a shelf, so I require that of any new table I might get. Josh currently has what is more of a modular 12" square bookcase, so anything would be a relative improvement over that. Bonus is they're only $50 each, so I'd probably spend the $12 or so to replace the knobs on them with little green ones from Anthropologie. So, here is the rest of our bedroom accoutrements. Think these tables will work out alright?

Bed & bedding:

Bookcase & TV stand:

Bedroom "art":


Katie said...

Oh, those work for SURE! The ear doctor and I are looking for bedtables too, but our bed is so stinking high that everything we've found just looks silly.