Friday, September 21, 2007

Gotta Get Away

So, we aren't going to San Francisco for our first anniversary, thanks to unexpected car repairs. Oh, and us not actually saving any money for it, ha. But, we are going to San Antonio! It's just going to be a little 3 day jaunt, but we're excited all the same. I've spent a lot of my spare work minutes here and there looking up ideas. We're going to stay in a hotel on the River Walk, and obviously we'll visit the Alamo. I've got a list started of restaurants to eat at too. Food is inevitably one of my favorite parts of a trip. For our honeymoon I had a list of 20 restaurants to try in Santa Fe, despite the fact that we were only in town 4 days! I'm not trying quite as hard for this little excursion, but I want to know if there is any place that we really shouldn't miss. My friend Valerae lives in San Antonio and recommended a place that supposedly has the best burgers ever. She promised I could kick her in the shins if I disagree after our visit, so it's worth a try. I either get an awesome burger or I get to kick someone, it's win-win, right? And I'm sure we'll eat at some little place on the River Walk to enjoy the view. The best resource, in my opinion, for planning a trip is Trip Advisor. Reading other travelers' opinions and seeing their candid photographs, especially of hotel rooms, can be so helpful. And I love the My Trips section where you can save hotels, restaurants, attractions, and other ideas. I must have 20 different trip folders set up in my account- ranging from the impending San Antonio trip, to the French Riviera, to Thailand. Even if you know you won't be taking the trips for quite awhile it's still fun to look!


MrsEm said...

Did you look at flight prices? You can find really cheap tickets to SF right now because of a rate race between southwest and virgin. :)

Holly said...

Lemme tell ya a little something about the place with the alleged best burger ever - watch where you park!

There's a parking lot across the street from the restaurant, but when we were there, it had MASSIVE pot holes that Misty's car barely thudded through, so I don't think a bug would do good to traverse them.

Oh, and I said "alleged" up there because I didn't (ok, couldn't) eat because my worst hangover ever, so hopefully you'll enjoy the food.

Digant C Kasundra said...

I had the spare bedroom and made up and everything. :(