Monday, September 17, 2007

Getting Hitched

All this week AMC is showing two Alfred Hitchcock flicks per night, back to back. Last night they showed two of my personal favorites, Rear Window and Dial M for Murder. Grace Kelly is riveting in both films. We actually have the Dial M for Murder poster hanging in our living room. Tonight I can't wait to catch, or at least dvr for later viewing, Rope. Rope stars James Stewart, and is very interesting, as it was shot in a mere ten takes or so. If you are looking forward to the chills of the Halloween season then you should tune in to AMC this week and get a head start. And don't forget to look for Hitch's infamous cameos!


marta said...

hooray. thanks for the head's up. i LOVE hitchcock films and can watch them over and over. can never get enough of rear window.

thanks again. enjoy the movies!

love.boxes said...

Rear window is one of my all time faves.. but you know I've never seen Dial M... perfect season for it too! Thanks for reminding me I need to see this one. :)

Katie said...

Did you get to see Rope? I watched it, and it was rad.

The ear doctor and I DVR'd all of the movies. Yesterday we watched Vertigo and it was his favorite so far.