Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Weekend Roundup

-Tidy house
-Daydream about eggrolls
-Make next week's menu plan
-Make grocery list
-Order and devour sweet & sour chicken
-Watch televisions

-Coffee while watching my PBS morning shows
-Lounge around in bedroom watching HGTV
-Peruse fall back issues of MS Living
-Straighten hair
-Finish getting read
-Head to Denton
-Unload equipment
-Walk to Jupiter House for mocha milkshake and giant cookie
-Have lots of laughs with Steve and Meri
-Head back to club and wait till showtime
-Enjoy the show and dollar beers
-Hit gas station on the way home for sustenance
-Eat while watching dvr'd Simpsons episode
-Hit the hay

-Oversleep (yes, again)
-Be lazy
-Work on the computer
-Matt comes by for a bit
-Go to Spencer & Deb's for dinner
-Enjoy awesome surf & turf and great company
-Head home
-Fall asleep on couch watching Speed
-Crawl into bed

-Oversleep (it's what holidays are about people!)
-Grocery shop
-Finish Monty Python Season 1, Disc 1
-Watch Crimes & Misdemeanors while playing Risk
-Watch Arrested Development with more Risk
-Lose Risk, 3-0 :(
-Read more MS Living back issues while Josh plays PS3

So, as it turns out I got very little of what I was expecting to do done. Oh well, there's always next weekend. Know what the second best thing about having a Monday holiday is? It's that it makes my work week only 3 days long!

Tonight Josh and I are going to try and figure out if we can scrape enough money together to do something for our anniversary. San Francisco is more or less out of the realm of possibilities after the $1k car repair bill last week. But we're hoping to be able to pull something out of our back pockets to celebrate. And I need to start brainstorming on what I'll prepare when we have Spencer & Deb over to repay the dinner favor.


Digant C Kasundra said...

Hey Jessica! Seems like you had a busy and fun weekend! Mine wasn't quite as busy but pretty sweet:

Drove out north of Marin (across the Golden Gate from San Francisco) out to a place called Bodega Bay. I was on Highway 1 which is right on the edge of the coast and was looking out into the water while driving when I saw a whale spout in the water about 200 yards from the beach. I pulled over and took video but didn't get the camera setup in time to catch one jump out of the water. I didn't get much at all on tape, actually. They usuall spout and go right back under too fast for me to get my camera pointed over fast enough. But it was sweet. Then I had dinner and drove back on the backroads in the middle of the night, nearly hitting about 10 deer on the road.

Had friends over for a pot luck party. Lots of fun. Went to play pool with some of them afterwards. I sucked pretty miserably. My female friends commended me on my flirting with this one girl that was there. I guess I did a good job. We're going to go see a movie sometime.

Spent about $500 on a new suit, slacks, shirts, etc for a wedding I'm going to at a club called Ausable in the Adirondacks of New York.

Anyway, I hope you're planning to come visit soon!

Leslie said...

hi jessica
in fredericksburg, we stayed at the fredericksburg inn on washington street. it's great because you can walk to the main part of town, just a couple of blocks away. we booked it through hotels.com.
i also recommend eating at rathskeller on main street, it's a basement restaurant and i thought it was super yummy!
pedernales falls, which is about 25 miles from fredericksburg on 290 toward austin is fun and pretty. my husband should be posting pictures soon. a quick hike down to the falls is fun on a nice day!
the fredericksburg in runs about 150 a night, with a pretty decent breakfast the next day. there are lots of b&b's in fredericksburg, too, so if you're without kids, you may want to check out one of those.

have fun!