Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I've been feeling under the weather since I woke up yesterday morning. Unfortunately for me, so has the only other person in the office, besides the boss-man. They beat me to the punch, which means I'm the one stuck at work when all I really want to do is lay in bed and groan. I'm working on recuperating as quickly as I can. I'm using the Zicam that saved me around this time last year (a cold that close to your wedding can be a frightening prospect), got some apple juice, ginger ale, and Kleenex at the grocery store last night, and I'll be having some hot soup for lunch. Tonight I will go heavy on the garlic and veggies for my spaghetti to try and boost my immune system, and the vaporizer will be bedside as I try to get some rest. But I really wish I wouldn't have to climb out of bed tomorrow morning for another 11 agonizing hours in the dry office air conditioning and florescent light.


kelly said...

hope you feel better... get yourself some chicken noodle soup!

love.boxes said...

Can you take that humidifier to work? The dry office air makes things so much worse.

..feel better soon. :)