Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Roundup

-Make the bed
-Tidy & dust the bedroom
-Wash delicates and bathroom laundry
-Do the dishes
-Clean kitchen counters
-Move laundry to dryers
-Scrub kitchen sink
-Sweep & mop
-Put laundry up
-Scrub tub, tiles, and shower doors
-Scrub bathroom sink
-Vacuum living room, dining room, and bedroom
-Watch How Clean Is Your House and You Are What You Eat
-Read blogs
-Watch more TV, waiting for Josh to get home
-Order pizza
-Watch Most Haunted re-run
-Finally eat pizza with Josh and Matt
-Try to watch some of Dinner For Five, Season 1 Disc 1
-Go to sleepies

-Wake up
-Enjoy coffee and watch PBS shows
-Decide to make pancakes
-Make rookie mistake with pancakes- baking powder dude, not baking soda
-Eat second-rate pancakes
-Get ready
-Head to Rock School show
-Hang out with Cory, Wagner, Taylor, and of course Josh
-Watch Josh make his singing debut!
-Load up equipment
-Head to Mroz's house for pizza and more beer
-Have good times hanging out and talking Rock School shop
-Head home
-Eat more leftover pizza and try to rehydrate while watching Graham Norton
-Fall asleep watching Doctor Who

-Sleep in far too late
-Make weekly menu plan
-Pick up prescriptions at Walgreen's
-Hit Central Market for tiramisu ingredients
-Never find lady fingers, despite there being an aisle specifically marked 'lady fingers'
-Buy pre-made tiramisu from the bakery, and some Santa Fe Nut Brown Ale since I've been feeling honeymoon-sick
-Stop by the apartment and head to Mom-in-law's house
-Cruise for funny videos with the little bro-in-law
-Enjoy delicious fettuccine alfredo, salad, and ridiculously cheesy bread for dinner
-Coffee and tiramisu for dessert
-Watch half of Meet the Fockers with Mom-in-law while Josh and little bro play video games
-Head home
-Watch rest of Dinner For Five dvd
-Try to go to sleep
-Sleep incredibly poorly, perhaps I shouldn't have had that coffee and espresso dessert after all