Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend Roundup

I was down with a stomach thing last week, hence the lack of posts. But I'm feeling quite a bit better this week, so there should be more activity around here.

-Sleep in till two, thanks to still being sicky
-Do laundry
-Watch TV while Josh & Matt work on music
-Make whole wheat blueberry muffins
-Watch a delightful Cary Grant & Myrna Loy flick while working on my French flash cards
-Curl up in bed & drift off to sleep

-Get up early & head to Dallas
-Help Meri with garage sale while chatting the hours away
-Head home to escape the heat
-Chow down on chicken salad sammich and leftover Chipotle
-Get cleaned up
-Head to Dallas again
-Meet Rodney, Steph and their friends for the Tango show
-Drink, eat, sing, and dance
-Go home, wash face, and crawl into bed
-Fall asleep watching some show on the Titanic

-Make blondies for Grandma's birthday
-Wrap Grandma's birthday present
-Get cleaned up
-Head to the In-Law's for Grandma Dorothy's birthday
-Eat delicious grub- strawberries, cherries, (home-grown!) corn, taquitos, brownies, peach cobbler, and blondies. And more cherries- couldn't get enough of them.
-Listen to thunderstorm rumble it's way through
-Watch video from step-mom-in-law's recent month-long trip to Alaska
-Pack up leftover goodies and garden vegetables to take home
-Head home in a much lighter rain, luckily
-Clean and re-organize kitchen while listening to The Smothers Brothers, Burl Ives, and Tony Bennett on vinyl
-Devour baked potato from Jason's Deli
-Finish up kitchen cleaning and put up laundry
-Read a little Newsweek and hunker down for a pleasant night's sleep


Jane said...

Hi, Jessica!

TAG, you're it...

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:) Jane