Friday, July 6, 2007

Why Don't You...

Tomorrow night is the Chemistry Set show and I am super excited! This is the first show since March, as Steve has been busy with his edumacation. We'll be going by Rodney's birthday party before we load in for a quick drink. After load in all Josh's drums we'll probably end up going by Cafe Brazil for some coffee, maybe some delicious rosemary potatoes or a grilled cheese. And, to make the evening even more fun Carissa is coming! We haven't seen her since the wedding, so I am really to get to see her again. And she's bringing her camera, so I've already been planning what I'll wear, in case I'm caught in the background of any of her fabulous photography. Oh man, I can't wait for all the fun we will have! Check out my cutie pie musician and the rest of our rock'n'roll family: