Monday, July 2, 2007

Weekend Roundup

-Work to make up sick day
-Container Store for pantry storage solutions
-Grocery shopping while Josh picked up Chipotle for dinner
-Watch What Not To Wear with a ballroom flair
-Enjoy this week's Most Haunted

-Bake up a batch of yummy whole wheat blueberry muffins
-Listen to the new Paul McCartney album- love it!
-Get ready to head to Steph & Rodney's
-Go grocery shopping with Steph
-Cook & enjoy dinner together
-Play with Rylee
-Have delicious dessert & play fun games, even more fun when you win.
-Head home & go sleepies

-Make smoothie to enjoy with muffins
-Read new issue of Blueprint
-Do laundry
-Quick swim while laundry is going
-Out of pool just in time for the 800th thunderstorm this year
-Eat Mellow Mushroom pizza-mmmm pepperoni, black olive and feta
-Mix up a batch of low fat granola
-Eat rest of pizza and watch Laugh-In dvd
-Wait for Josh to get back from practice while watching PBS britcoms
-Hit the hay