Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We're back from our visit to see my sister Nicci, her husband Bryan, and our friends Destiny & Will. We also got to spend a little time with my youngest sister Lindsey, who was with us on Friday, and my dad & step mom who each came up on Saturday for lunch. And now that we're back from that trip I'm moving on to a new task- learning French! Ever since I read about it in the cover story of the March 2007 issue of Real Simple I've been reminding myself to check out the French Pod Class. And I decided that it was finally time I take the plunge and give a new language a shot. I took French in high school, but never made it past the first few weeks of French 2. And that was about 10 years ago, so my knowledge of the language is pretty minuscule. The great thing about these classes is that you aren't just learning about the language, but also the culture through the musical breaks and movie excerpts that are included. I also love that I can listen to a lesson over and over while I'm at work. I learn better through repetition, and what better way to make use of the 11 hours I'm stuck in my office than by expanding my mind and horizons? I'm going to make some flash cards this week too. I'm more of a visual learner, so I'm hoping that will really help me retain what I'm picking up. And the review sheets that accompany the mp3 lessons will make my flash card project a breeze.

Interested in learning French? I highly recommend Sebastien and the FrenchPodClass.