Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend Roundup

-Rise and shine and shower
-Get myself ready
-Get all our stuff ready
-Hit the road on the way to Galveston
-Arrive in Galveston
-Hang out with Lindsey, Nicci & Bryan
-Meet Destiny at her house and head out to dinner
-Eat at Olive Garden- Josh had pasta with chicken and broccoli!
-Watch Dodgeball while we wait for Will to get home from work
-Hang out with everyone, guys playing Xbox, girls chatting on the front porch
-Have sister to sister to sister conversations till late into the evening
-Stay the night at Destiny & Will's

-Wake up and head back to Nicci & Bryan's
-Wait for Dad and Darcy to each show up to go out for lunch
-Lunch at Salsa's- Josh ate 2 chicken tacos!
-Back to the casa for a little chillin'
-Say adios to Darcy and Dad & Lindsey
-Watch Oklahoma! with Nicci
-Grab some Subway and head to Destiny & Will's
-Eat, chill, watch Nacho Libre
-Welcome Will home, watch him open his birthday gift from Bryan and head back to the Fielder casa
-Go night-night

-Hop up and into the shower before anyone else
-Grab some coffee and watch TV with Bryan
-Pack up the car and head to Main Event for Will's birthday
-Play skeeball, dance dance revolution, guitar hero, air hockey, and other fun arcade games
-Bowl for an hour
-Say bye to everyone and start the drive home
-Make it home in 4 hours- yeah!
-Already miss everyone...sigh