Monday, July 9, 2007

Weekend Roundup

-Make chore list
-Dust & tidy bedroom
-Scrub tub & shower doors
-Clean counter & sink
-Tidy living room
-Clean kitchen counters & sink
-Devour Chipotle
-Play Sims and watch movie while Josh is at band practice

-Watch Real Simple and Rick Steves' Europe while enjoying my coffee
-Go shopping with Josh, buying a black tank and these pretty things
-Eat leftover Chipotle while indulging in some Father of The Bride
-Get ready & hit the road
-Stop by Margarita Ranch for Rodney's birthday
-Head to Club Dada to drop off the drums
-Head to Cafe Brazil with Steve, Meri & Cory for some pre-show grub and set list decisions
-Head back to the club for Team Evil, meet up with Spencer, Deb & Ang, then Carissa, then Steph, Rodney, Lisa and Jamie, and then Ryan and Claire- I had a lot of mingling to do!
-Rock out to The Chem Set
-Say adios to most of the peeps and head to the patio to chit chat with Ang, Deb & Spencer
-Hit the road
-Feel not so good once I got home- oh mi estomago!

-A whole lotta nothing while I recuperate from Saturday night!