Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Eight Is Enough

Jane from The Speckled Egg tagged me this morning. The rules? Name 8 facts or habits about myself.

  1. Before Josh and I were dating I lamented to my sister & her then-boyfriend about how much I cared for him. The boyfriend brought me an actual four-leaf clover for good luck the next day. Josh broke up with his girlfriend to pursue me on March 17th, St. Patrick's Day. Convincing proof of the luck of the Irish, eh?
  2. Several years ago I spent the night at the Myrtles Plantation. That was the scariest night of my life, and I would love to go back! Believe me, you don't know haunted till you've been tucked into bed by unseen hands! *cue Vincent Price laugh*
  3. I don't eat broken Cheerios. I find them disgusting, and search through a handful at a time till I have enough in my bowl. I don't know how this habit started, my mom says I never liked them. I especially hate the Cheerios that were never fully formed, and taper off. There is just something so irregular about them.
  4. My BFF Stephanie and I once stayed up till all hours of the night to write limericks about all our co-workers. I know, you just discovered a new level of nerdiness.
  5. I graduated first in my class. But I went to an alternative high school, and there were only about 24 of us in the graduating class, so that takes away some of the impressiveness.
  6. I don't do all that well with keeping house plants, but when I have one I typically name it Maude. Except one time when I named one Florida.
  7. I can probably tell you just about anything you want to know about The Beatles. No, really, I mean it.
  8. Thanks to this PBS special, I think I would be perfectly happy to be employed by the Queen and work in the housekeeping department of Windsor Castle. I also have a slight crush on Prince Philip.
I'm supposed to tag 8 other people, but I'm not sure I know 8 bloggers who haven't been tagged already. So, I guess if you read this and feel like sharing less than 9 things about yourself, then you should do it!


Jane said...

thanks for playing :) it was fun to read your eight ....

best, jane

love.boxes said...

#1... love that story. No wonder you're wearing a green shirt... :)