Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Roundup

-Up early for satellite installation
-8 hour satellite installation, guh
-Run soaker hoses
-Work on budget while watching sweet, sweet television
-Decide that neither of us wants to paint the bedroom, to be done later
-Grab some dinner
-More TV with Josh while eating
-Start closet organization, work late into the night
-Crash into bed

-Shower and get ready
-Over to apartment for final pick up of stuff and patio rocks
-Drop off the keys and say goodbye to home for the past 61/2 years
-Drop rocks off at house
-Grab some lunch
-Eat and watch telly
-Start putting together new dresser
-Matt & Ashley come over
-Angie comes over
-Lots of pizza and hanging out
-Everyone leaves, finally finish putting together dresser
-Hit the hay

-Breakfast and coffee
-Get ready
-Move dresser into bedroom
-Holly picks me up and quick stop at Ulta
-Meet Steph at World Market
-Hit Montgomery Antiques, pick up cool old brokeny camera
-Stop at Target for Pet supplies and snacks
-Holly and I back to the house for post-shopping wind down
-See Holly off, put knobs on dresser drawers
-Eat dinner
-Catch a little britcom before bed