Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Roundup- Moving Edition

-Get to house
-Paint first coat on doors and shelves backs
-Paint second coat on built-in
-Paint second coat on doors and shelves backs
-Clean up and head back to apartment
-Pack a couple of boxes

-All day packing
-Josh gets home, Chinese for dinner
-A bit more packing
-Move some boxes to the house
-Hit the hay

-Get Josh up
-More packing
-Holly comes to help
-Grocery store for trash bags, paper towels and donuts
-Eat said donuts, load Holly's car with boxes
-Head to house to unload
-Jason helps Josh with all the furniture
-Repeat more times than I care to think about
-Thank Jason for his help
-Hit the apartment for one more load and Chick-fil-a for dinner
-Eat and unload one more time at the house
-Thank Holly for all her help and time
-Make one more trip ourselves
-Start unpacking stuff
-Get everything arranged in kitchen cabinets
-Go to bed very, very late

-Oversleep, despite the total lack of sleep from a freaked-out cat
-Make Josh get up
-Get ready
-Stop by apartment to empty fridge and freezer
-Back to house
-Drag Josh's brother to IKEA to pick up dining cabinet and bedroom dresser
-Grab Sonic for lunch afterward
-Return big truck to Josh's dad
-Get groceries
-Back to house
-Random moving chores
-Install pantry shelves and build microwave cart
-Eat frozen pizza
-Tidy up