Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Office Conundrum

With the new house come a lot of wonderful things- the bigger kitchen, more than one tiny bathroom, space for Josh's musical experiments that isn't three feet from the couch. And my own little room, my office. A place just for me! And of course I'm totally stumped on what to do with it. It's a 9' x 11' space, and is also the pass-through to the backyard. I was at first very concerned about making it sort of neutral for that reason. I guess I've more or less given up on that, ha. The only thing I am certain of iss that I am going to put the bookcase currently in our bedroom in there and that I want to frame this fantastic map of NYC that I bought on Etsy recently, one of a trio. The map's main color is a fun turquoise and I started leaning towards a buttery yellow for the walls to go with. I chose Valspar's Spun Honey this weekend and will be priming and painting the space over the next two days. I also have this fun An American In Paris poster that I had in my bedroom before we moved in together, and I'd like to hang it back up too. But aside from that I am totally lost. So, any suggestions? I've been most inspired lately by Nicole's studio, particularly her round table. But I have to wonder if something like that would be enough workspace for me. And really, I need to start weaning myself from IKEA (did I really just type that?). Anyway, putting this out there to see if anyone has any suggestions. It's driving me crazy that I finally have a little space that is entirely my own and I don't know what to do with it.

In the space I hope to:
.handle household business- file paperwork, keep track of important information, maintenance calendar and other to-do stuff
.meal planning- do all my weekly meal planning and keep track of my to-cook/bake ideas, possibly store some of my cookbooks and magazines in there
.blogging- looking to re-invigorate my cooking blog once we're settled back into daily life and continue my personal space here
.photography- studying photography, editing photos, storing my cameras and accessories and possibly even some shooting with the lightbox I intend to finish
.projects- the occasional random project I have to do, wrapping a small package, writing letters or notes, etc.



Michelle said...

oh i love your idea and the map...AMAZING! the yellow is wonderful and why wean yourself off of IKEA though?!