Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I can't wait:
-until we've got the painting in the house done so we can move in
-until we've got our stuff moved in so we can go to Ikea for new stuff
-until I've got the inside of the house done so I can fix the outside
-to get my kitchen cleaned up and organized so I can get back to cooking
-to have John help me plan a plot and pots of herbs, veggies and blackberries
-to organize my new closets, with inspiration from Nicole
-to have some more time to study more photography
-to make some time to try Marta's writing club prompts
-to be ready for entertaining our friends as often as possible
-for spring to be sprung (as Josh would say) so we can head to the zoo and parks
-to see the Barbara Crane and First Look exhibits at the Amon Carter
-to settle the possibility of a vacation on the horizon

So much that I have to muster patience for!