Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to Start

I get so easily stressed when tackling big projects. When we were first thinking about trying to buy a house the whole idea was so overwhelming. And soon thereafter I had to start the process of completing a lot of dental work (still not completed, but soon to be I hope). One thing that I found very helpful was an article in Real Simple by life coach Gail Blanke. I wish that she were still writing for the magazine, and I also wish that Real Simple hadn't re-tooled their website, removing all but one of her articles. Luckily I saved all of her articles from back issues that made an impact on me so that I can revisit them when I need to. Here is her suggestion that really helped me see how I could get from crappy apartment to homeowner, and how I could overcome my fears and manage to get through my dental work step my step (again, still stepping here). Now I need to work out the steps to get from living out of boxes to a well-run household and open dirt, rocks and weeds to a beautiful back yard and garden. I didn't make a "mountain", you guys now how I love a list, so adapt the idea to work for you.

Gail Blanke:
"Design the future from the future. Pretend you've already accomplished your goal. You've got the job, the bod, the girl or guy. How'd you do it? Draw a triangle on a piece of paper. At the top of the triangle - or "mountain" - write the date when you'll have gotten what you want. Be specific. Put down the day, date, month and year. Then, working down the "mountain" ask yourself, "What did I do right before that, that allowed for that to happen?" Write it down. And then, right below that write down what you did right before that to make that happen. Continue all the way down the mountain with your "steps" until you reach today - the day you've decided to design the future. When you're done, you'll have a plan. Now all you have to do is execute it."