Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Roundup

-Up and to the house
-Prime the entire hallway
-Lunch and 2 episodes of 30 Rock
-Finish sanding part of the built-in I can manage
-Start ripping out the old, gross shelf paper in kitchen cabinets
-Josh arrives with Chick-fil-a dinner and boxes from the apartment
-Eat and shower while Josh finishes off the built-in sanding
-Head back to apartment and hit the hay

-Up early and to the house
-Granola bar breakfast and coffee
-Paint first coat in bathroom
-Run to Home Depot for Josh
-Paint first coat in hallway
-Break for PB&J lunch
-Paint second coat in bathroom
-Steph and Trisha stop by to see house while Josh grabs dinner
-Chipotle dinner
-Paint second coat in hallway
-Clean up
-Back to apartment
-Pay bills online
-Hit the hay

-Breakfast and TV while making grocery list
-Sort laundry
-Grocery shopping
-Unload groceries, load laundry
-Stop by Josh's dad's house to pick up speakers and visit with Grandma Dorothy
-Head to house
-Start laundry
-Show house to Josh's dad and stepmom
-Clean up tarps and newspaper, remove tape, finish laundry
-Clean up and head back to apartment
-Shower while Josh makes dinner
-Watch second half of Pride & Prejudice