Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Wake up
-Have coffee and breakfast
-Laundry, laundry, laundry
-Get haircut
-Grab Chipotle
-Eat and watch TV
-Run to Target for a few things
-Get everything ready for the morning
-Straighten hair
-Go to bed
-(Listen to new She & Him album entire day)

-Wake up early
-Get coffee
-Dress & do make up
-Wake Josh up
-Get stuff together and head out
-Get dropped off at District 10 Convention
-Wait, wait, wait
-Have a great time with fellow precinct delegates
-Leave after electing our delegate to State
-Head home
-Veg out on the couch till Josh comes home from studio
-Grab some Jack In The Box
-Eat & watch TV
-Hit the hay

-Wake up
-Walk the neighborhood and visit with Michael
-Have coffee
-Eat leftover Chipotle
-Finalize grocery list
-Grocery shopping at Target and Central Market
-Make cookies for Kira
-Make pizza with Josh
-Eat and watch The Trouble With Harry
-Night night


love.boxes said...

The Trouble with Harry.. I'm trying to think which one that is.. it's sounds so familiar. I'll have to look it up on Netflix.. sounds like a good weekend. :)