Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Have breakfast
-Clean kitchen
-Lint roll furniture
-Eat lunch
-Walk 1.5 miles
-Welcome Josh home
-Make pizza
-Eat and watch Broadway Danny Rose
-Go to bed

-Wake up
-Make scrambled eggs & pancakes
-Have breakfast and coffee
-Get ready
-Head to Amon Carter for photography exhibit
-Lunch at Dutch's
-Ridgmar Mall for unsuccessful shopping
-Target for cassette converter
-Head home, total shopping failure
-Hang out with Josh
-Make plans with Holly for Telegraph Canyon show at Lola's
-Get ready
-Head out with Holly and have loads of fun
-Get home
-Eat a bowl of cereal
-Fall asleep watching Arrested Development

-Oversleep, need to break this habit
-Finish grocery list
-Walk 1.5 miles
-Watch dvr'd Everyday Baking
-Grab some Sonic
-Grocery shopping
-Make another yogurt cake (instead of that coconut cake)
-Head to Mom-in-law's for Easter dinner and a movie
-Get home
-A little reading and bedtime


love.boxes said...

Sounds like a lovely Easter Weekend Jess! :)