Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Work, blech
-Head home and check the mail
-Watch a smidge of TV
-Grab Chipotle for dinner
-Eat and watch HGTV
-Turn TV over to Josh for video games
-Watch more TV in bedroom and do a little reading
-Hit the hay

-Drag self out of bed
-Turn in work order on window
-Walk to park and back, bout an hour
-Open windows to keep apartment cool
-Start laundry
-Have cereal & coffee
-Work on week's meal menu and grocery list
-Finish laundry, only 5 loads this week, yeah
-Check mail
-Eat leftover Chipotle
-Grocery shopping
-Get ready
-Head to Denton for Sunward show
-Grab some coffee at Jupiter House with Josh
-Hang out with band peoples- Doug, Jerko, Dan, Katie Jo, and Doug
-Say goodnight and load up the drums
-Sing Grand Street Cryers really loudly all the way home
-Stop off at Jack In The Box for late-night sustenance
-Fall asleep watching Arrested Development

-Wake up and lay on couch watching TV
-Have some cereal
-Get ready
-Head to In-Laws for small family lunch
-Visit and eat pizza, share NYC pics, and visit with nephew Griffin
-Go over tax questions and discuss investment ideas with Pop-in-law
-Stop by Central Market on the way home
-Fiddle around on laptop and watch TV
-Make griddle sandwiches for dinner
-Eat and watch The Critic
-Lay on bed and watch Easter Parade
-Climb in bed and read a bit
-Go to sleepies


love.boxes said...

Your Sunday sounds so relaxing. Ahh. :) Mine was crazy, but good. :)