Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sick Day

Home sick with a monster headache today. A big bummer cause I was really looking forward to my Friday off this week. I may just work a half day still, as Josh doesn't mind and my boss is going to be out of town. Anyway, just finishing up my blog rounds. Which means I'm about to tuck back into bed and tuck back into my current read. I wish every Colin Firth movie were based on a book. Reading is even more enjoyable when I can imagine Mr. Firth in each role. ;) Oh, and of course Ms. Austen ain't bad herself.


love.boxes said...

Oh.. how I adore that book. I have no idea how many times I've read it... almost every other year I'd say. :)

Colleen said...

Hi, I'm your missing swapee! Sorry it's taken so long for me to get in contact, I've been on vacation in D.C. visiting family. Thanks so much for the gifts you sent! It was my first swap experience and I loved everything you sent. You are absolutely darling, as is your blog. I love connecting with a totally random person and finding all sorts of fun commonalities.

I was just talking to someone about P&P the other day and saying they should have just used Colin Firth in the new version with Keira K. I'm sorry, but no one else will EVER be Mr. Knightley.