Thursday, March 13, 2008

Full Recovery and a Meme

I am feeling much better and am back at work today. I have no idea what brought on my headache, but I am glad it is gone, after two consecutive evening remedies of 3 Advil and 1 Benadryl. That's quite a medicinal cocktail, but it seemed to do the trick. No worries, I didn't exceed anything that my doctor has not prescribed me in the past. :) Monday marked my sister & her husband's first anniversary so I called the other day to give my congratulations. We are soon approaching an anniversary of our own, but I will write more on that another time. During my sick leave I managed to finish Pride & Prejudice completely, which has improved my reading streak. I seem to have broken, at least for the time being, my previous habit of stopping every book 3/4 of the way through. And after I take a small amount of time to revisit some P&P fanfiction, I think I will move on to Sense & Sensibility. And all of this planning leads me to the meme that my garden swap partner, Colleen, recently posted.

Five Things On My To-Do List:

1. Make special cake for my special guy.
2. Sign up for Ed's Camera Workshop.
3. Plan next week's menu and choose something to make for dinner at the In-Law's this Sunday, probably another yogurt cake.
4. Get a post up on Small Time Cooks, also probably the yogurt cake, ha.
5. Laundry. Really need to do laundry.

P.S.- 6. Post pics of what I got from my garden swap partner.


love.boxes said...

I'm so glad that you are feeling better and am looking forward to some photography tips! :)