Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Roundup

-Work, boo!
-Grab Chipotle
-Eat while watching dvr'd 30 Rock
-Watch most of Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way
-Head to Steph & Rodney's to deliver new house presents
-Hang out for a while, visit the new house, and have great car chats with Stephano
-Go home for sweet dreams

-Tidy up the kitchen
-Watch dvr'd episodes of Real Simple, Rick Steves' Europe and Mexico: One Plate At A Time and What Not To Wear
-Work on menu for coming week
-Watch dvr'd Ghost Hunters episode
-Watch one of the funniest movies ever, Born Yesterday, while getting ready
-Head to Dallas for Chemistry Set show
-Catch up with Angela, see Rahim, wish Chris a happy birthday
-Rock out
-Leave very late for home, with a stop at Jack In The Box for post-partying munchies
-Watch Arrested Development
-Fall asleep on the couch

-Wake up on the couch
-Lay around for awhile, catching up on more of the dvr'd shows
-Watch Inside The Actors Studio episodes- The Simpson's and Michael J. Fox
-Finalize the grocery list
-Head to Central Market for specialty items
-Go to Minyard's for regular groceries
-Put up all the goods
-Munch on half a samich while watching Summer Magic
-Make dinner
-Enjoy said dinner
-Work on some photos
-Hit the hay