Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Roundup

-Go to work
-Spend about 7 hours sorting through old e-mails
-Realize my brains are melting from said e-mails
-Leave early to head to bank
-Open joint checking with Josh. Only took us 10 months, jeez.
-Head to Target to look for Gifts
-Stop by new Chipotle for dinner
-Chow down at home while watching dvr'd 30 Rock
-Run to other Target to look for what I didn't find earlier
-Head home and get sick
-Spend the evening laying on the bed and watching TV
-Go to bed

-Get up and have coffee
-Discover Pride & Prejudice on TV- jackpot! Not that I don't own it on DVD or anything.
-Alphabetize our LP's
-Hang rest of pictures in bedroom. Only been waiting almost as long as the checking account.
-Clean and reorganize bedroom bookcase
-Vacuum baseboards, door jams, and dining room wall
-Dismantle and clean vacuum brush while watching dvr'd POV
-File paperwork
-Take a shower to wash away the cleaning grime
-Watch Le Divorce and lay around on the bed
-Wait for Josh to get home from rehearsals and recording
-Grab some Sonic
-Watch Muppets episodes
-Go night-night

-Wake up early- 8:30, what the heck?
-Read half my issue of Newsweek
-Plan my menu and grocery list
-Grocery shop
-Sort and start laundry
-Reorganize under-bed storage and purge old winter clothes
-Finish laundry
-Clean closet
-Eat Sonic again. I know, we have a problem!
-Work on budget plan for our banking and savings
-Watch super funny first half of final Vicar of Dibley, set second half to record
-Fall asleep watching Muppets. Up quite late, paying the price of that evening Cherry Coke.


Jenny said...

I love how you just now opened a joint checking account. It takes so long to get some things done. My goal for our new apartment is to get the pictures hung before we've been here a month. Normally I never even get half of them hung before we move. I'm so lame like that.