Monday, August 6, 2007

Weekend Roundup

-Crawl out of bed
-Have coffee and toast
-Scrub tiles, tub and shower doors
-Clean counter, sink, mirror, and sweep up
-Tidy and dust bedroom
-Tidy and dust living room
-Clean glass coffee table
-Tidy kitchen
-Work on menu plan
-Eat Chipotle with Josh & watch dvr'd 30 Rock episodes
-Shift to the bedroom with my laptop so Josh and Grey can play PS3
-Watch What Not To Wear while flipping through back issues of MS Living
-Play Sudoku on PS3 with Josh
-Hit the hay

-Wake up at 7:45 to cat fight
-Break up cat fight, make sure Marvin is okay, and go back to sleep
-Wake up and have some coffee
-Take bed sheets off, move mattress, and dismantle bed frame
-Pick up truck from Pop-in-law, take pics of his garden while there
-Load up bed frame
-Deliver bed frame to Bro and pick up his bed frame
-Stop by Linens'n Things for bed risers
-Get home, unload frame, put together new headboard and attempt to attach to bed frame
-Realize we'll have to drill new holes in headboard legs to accommodate risers
-Also realize our drill is total crap and won't work for this
-Eat leftover Chipotle
-Go back to Pop-in-law's, drop off truck, pick up car, borrow drill and get sack of okra
-Get home and finish assembling everything and make the bed
-Go grocery shopping
-Watch TV and play PS3
-Eat chicken tenders and mac & cheese!
-Play Sudoku
-Eat ice cream- vanilla with chocolate syrup, oh yeah
-Climb in bed for some Laugh-In and Newsweek
-Fall asleep

-Wake up
-Decide to try and fly kites
-Attempt to fly kites, but not windy enough
-Do the dishes
-Grab some Sonic- onion rings, mmmm
-Watch dvr'd American Masters on Les Paul
-Change clothes and head to Target
-Shower, shape brows, use clay facial mask
-Blog about Pop-in-law's garden
-Have buttery, garlicky spaghetti for dinner
-Play more Sudoku
-Have rest of ice cream
-Try to catch up on Newsweek reading
-Fall asleep to An American In Paris- yes, again.