Thursday, August 2, 2007

And Then I Don't Feel So Bad

I'm so excited! I finished packing up the box this afternoon and shortly I'll be at the post office shipping off a few of my most loved odds and ends to my partner for Jihan's Favorite Things Swap- Summer '07. I really hope that my partner will be as excited to open the box as I was to fill it with goodies. And I hope the goodies I chose don't disappoint. I can't wait to receive my package either, but it's always more fun to give than to receive. At least that's how I justify my Christmas budget, ha.

Josh and I are looking forward to this weekend so very much. We don't have any plans, aside from doing a few things we need to do and a lot of things we want to do. For the first weekend in a month or more we don't have any obligations to family or friends. We're going to finally(!) switch bed frames with my bro & his wife so that we can get our new headboard put up. I will probably do laundry and grocery shop. But aside from that, we are free. I plan to watch some of the quality television that I've been dvr'ing, but haven't gotten to watch yet. Josh plans to play a lot of PS3. These both require the same television, but compromises can be easily reached. Especially when we play the sudoku game he downloaded together. And Saturday night I'm going old school and making chicken tenders and Kraft macaroni & cheese. I've been craving some of our not so healthy, but oh so yummy meals of yore.

This has been a long week, and today has been a long day. I'm so thankful that when I leave work today I don't have to be back till Monday! What are you thankful for today?


Rachel H said...

I am thankful to have AUTOMATIC cars that work!! As I was driving my DH to work today (our other car was in the shop until later today) when the car we were driving started smoking under the hood!! ACK!I borrowed a friends car to get myself and children back home- it was a stick- which I haven't driven in - oh- 7 YEARS or so. Lets just say it was a jerky-bumpy ride home...whoops!

nicole hill gerulat said...

Jessica! Thank you so much for your Favorite Things! I'm listening to your music compilation right now.. and (sadly) have already depleted half my sour gummies. Everything was so adorably thoughtful wrapped. Can't wait to grow my flower and basil! I'll get pictures up soon!