Thursday, August 23, 2007


I have a sometimes overwhelming fear of change. How do I move past this? Sometimes I yearn for change so much, but am terrified into inaction. I wish I would have some kind of epiphany, but as long as I have to be my own catalyst I don't see things changing. Oh, neuroses, why must you be such a pain in the tush?

Last night I made an unsuccessful trip to Old Navy, after a trip to Borders with slightly better results. I got my sister's birthday present, which I forgot to bring with me today to mail. I also picked up the new issue of Blueprint, but I haven't had a chance to really delve into it yet. Wandering around and looking at all the books that I would love to read makes me wish I wasn't such an incredibly slow reader. Trying to keep up with my Newsweek subscription is hard enough. I haven't really read anything of any substance from a book in months. Time to start one up again, but I'm unsure which one. Also overwhelming is the size of all the books I was coveting at the shop. 400 pages, 500 pages, more even? Probably take me a year to read just one of them.

I feel like I need some cheering up. This cheers me up quite a bit.